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We offer you a legit South African Business Opportunities with NO sales and NO stock on hand required, for the last 18 years and counting, like with any business it’s going to take time, hard work and effort, dedication, drive and motivation for your business to become successful with assistance from support services available for you such as over 200 Seminar Venues country wide, a wide range of Marketing Materials, National Training Programmes via our Academy, Recognition Programmes, Inspiring Events, Exciting Bonus and Business Tools and Self-Help Services with access to your very own National Call Centre.

The Agent Program is designed for the business professional who is looking to enter into one of the fastest growing and most lucrative South African industries in the world. Our agents are provided with all of the tools, training and products necessary to achieve long-term financial success. The Agent Program offers multiple compensation packages including the highest upfront bonuses and residual income.

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to own your own business, then this Opportunity is for you.

To become an Business Owner you need to:
1. be 18 years and older
2. have a valid ID Number or have a passport with a work permit (if you are a foreigner)
3. have a debitable bank account in South Africa

All you need to do now is follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Attend an Presentation: At one of our presentations, an presenter explains the business model and the products, giving you a clear understanding of the business opportunity.

Step 2: Thereafter you can choose to become an Business Owner and sign up at an Presentation venue.
Now start building a strong foundation for your business, step by step. Start off with two people in your team, then five, then ten.

Step 3: Follow up and encourage the people you have introduced to the Opportunity to take advantage of the Business Opportunity and to tell others about it. When 5 people join your team and each take out a policy and pay their premiums and business fees, you will start receiving monthly earnings.

It is that simple! What are you waiting for?
Become an Business Owner today by attending an Presentation at a venue near you..

Your inviter: Eugene Cloete
IFA number: AL039867
Cell number: 0608779925

Write this INTRODUCER information now and take it with you to an presentation.

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