Safety Demarcating Tapes


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Photoluminescent tape can be used in virtually any application including safety guidance systems, Escape route marking, Exit Door marking, Hand rail marking etc . The tape is supplied as a 55mm x 45.7m roll and comes complete with adhesive backing. The tape has a glow time of +_10hrs, after initial energising and a life span of 10yrs Indoors and 7yrs Outdoors.

Luminescent coating is an easily applied coating that exhibits excellent light emitting properties. The coating has zero volatile organic compounds, and cures to a flat matt finish. When cured, the paint is flexible, very hard, and unaffected by ultra violet rays.

Adhesion of luminescent coating to concrete substrates is excellent, and adhesion to properly primed surfaces is outstanding, including most metals, timber and most plastics. Luminescent coating has excellent water and alkali resistance.
It can also be used for silk screen printing. The paint has a glow time of +_20hrs after initial energising.

Accidents/power failures happen and even though a lot of us have generator backup it is not always an instant switch over and only covers the critical parts of the building. It is the first few minute’s even seconds that make the difference between safety and disaster. Most of us try avoiding the issue, probably because it is something we prefer to ignore. Most people would rather be considering more positive things like ways of building the business and increasing margins than facing up to potential disasters that could befall it and inadvertently creating higher cost to company.

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