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Your CV is the most important document for you when you apply for a job. It is your introduction, your representation and your advertisement. It is a tool with one specific purpose: to win an interview. It’s a known fact that employers will only spend up to 60 seconds in scanning your resume. Within those 60 seconds they want to know who you are, what your key area of expertise is, and what you have to offer – that is, what results you’ve experienced previously and what they can expect to receive.

So it goes without saying that your CV needs to be the best advertisement possible. It is imperative that your document contain the key essential elements that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

A CV written by a professional CV writer can reduce your time in the job hunt by up to 50% or more and save you potentially thousands in lost income. Without an appealing and marketable CV which contains information employers demand, you will not experience high interview success and, ultimately, job offers.

We at Human Resources South Africa understand this completely. We have extensive and diverse experience with writing CV for various industries, professions and occupations. Our CV’s have proven to be catalysts in all kinds of career transitions irrespective of the current position or how competitive the target industry may be.

When we are finished with your CV, we assure you that it will boost your visibility, highlight all your visible and hidden skills and present you in the best light so that you land the interview for your dream job.

Over 89% of employers rate your cover letter as high on their priority list. Combined with your CV, your cover letter is an integral tool in marketing your services to the prospective employer. Are you:

Presenting the letter the way an employer wants it?
Capturing the reader’s attention?
Answering the criteria correctly?
Marketing your true potential and blowing away the competition?
Our latest Employer Survey highlighted the need for a cover letter but, most alarmingly, results indicated that applicants are not sending appropriate letters.

When your CV and cover letter has gotten you a call from a potential employer the next step is the job interview.

Do you know how to successfully respond to the question “Tell me about yourself?” or “What are your weaknesses?” Or perhaps you need to hone your strategies for a successful interview? A 2 hour coaching call from us will provide you with interviewing strategies that will give you a boost in confidence. Your coaching call includes feedback, information and role plays / simulations, including:

Pre- and post-interview strategies
How to prepare for the interview
What 3 things you can do in an interview to take the spotlight off your shortcomings and position yourself in a positive light
How to respond to the most commonly asked interview questions – your coach helps you in defining and rehearsing your answers.
What to ask the interviewer that is geared to impress.
Interview role plays / simulation
Interview etiquette
How to dress to impress – psychological factors
Strategies to optimise first impressions
How to greet the interviewer
How to deal with different types of interviews
How to follow up after the interview

Service we offer:

CV writing
Cover letter writing
Interview Coaching

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